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Personalized Santa Letters



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Magical Details

North Pole Postal letters aren’t just typical letters. They’re an experience! Here we know that memories are made with the heart. That’s why our letters from Santa are full of magical details that are sure to transport your child straight to the North Pole. Let us help you make this an unforgettable Christmas!


Reindeer Prints

The Reindeer love to help out loading up Santa’s sleigh but sometimes they get a little too excited! You might see a hand-stamped reminder hoof or two on your envelope! They get a little carried away with all the prancing.


Fresh Cookie Scent

A scent so delicious that it transports you back to a certain time and place. When your open up our envelope, there will be an unmistakable scent of Mrs. Claus’ freshly baked cookies. Go on… take a whiff!


Faux Snow

Before we, the elves get to work wrapping presents we also help close up all of the letters for kids everywhere! We like to work outside so sorry if we leave a little snow in your envelope!

Spreading Cheer


Gift of Giving

Christmas time is when we reminisce on the true meaning of the season. Our savior is born and has come to love us all! What better way to spread the Christmas cheer than to help low income children receive a Christmas gift? The North Pole Postal will be donating 10% of all profits from the Santa Letters Project to the Saint John Vianney Gift Giving Sunday Program. Thank you for helping spread the Christmas cheer!

Head Elf In Charge


Santa’s Helper

My boss Mr. Clause is one of the busiest men around and he needs his elves to spread the Christmas cheer! My name is Alejandra Gomez and I’m the Head Elf in Charge here at the North Pole. I started the North Post Postal for two reason. I love Christmas and I love how the magic of Santa makes Christmas so special for so many children! Thank you for helping me spread the Christmas cheer from the North Pole (Houston) to you!

"I’ve never seen my child light up this way!"

— Maribel Alcocer